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Yvonne Mackinnon was born in 1972 in Glasgow's West End, and is an artist and photographer with a passion for her trade. 

Here you will find art, photography, portraits, landscapes and a wide range of commissioned artwork for a diverse range of clients. As an artist in Inverclyde, I am available to paint and sketch for you, and much of my art on here is available to buy, either as an original or a limited print, framed or unframed, complete with certificates of authenticity. Whether you are looking for a unique portrait artist in Inverclyde, or an innovative photographer, I am here to help.

The majority of my work has been in the medium of sketch work, but I am always ready to take on a variety of materials and styles, depending on what the subject of the art is. My approach has always been to paint or draw things immediately, when I see them, and as they are present in daily life. I also take artistic photographs, often of art itself, leading to new interpretations of iconic pieces.

Call me to enquire about a work you would like to purchase on 07876 688 800.

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Mackinnons Sincerity Artwork in Oils on Canvas board



Browse through my art gallery here to find the artwork you most admire. Most of this work is still for sale, either as an original, or as a limited edition print. As an artist in Inverclyde, with a wide range of paintings and drawings in different styles and with diverse artistic subjects. I also paint landscapes of the surrounding Scottish scenery, nature, and surreal images, and I create sketches of portraits and other scenes that evoke my interest. Much of my work is completely spontaneous, enabling me to capture everyday life in the Inverclyde area.

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Artist and Photographer in Inverclyde



You can have a look through my diverse range of photography here too.

I especially enjoy photographing sculptures, with Scotland hosting many remarkable and much-loved landmarks, such as The Kelpies, Ginger the Horse, Wee Annie's Statue, and Antony Gormley statues. Many of my photographs enable viewers to see these artworks in a new light.

Browse through my work here.

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I am a portrait artist in Inverclyde with a broad range of artistic interests. As well as commissioned portraits, I can recreate family crests and coats of arms, draw or paint animals and pets, and create landscapes of your favourite scenery.

Whatever you would like me to create, feel free to contact me directly to have a chat about the artwork you want, and I shall give you a no-obligation quote.*

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Prints and Deposit

As well as original artwork, prints are also available of my work, enabling you to share in part of my artistic journey. All my prints come with an authenticity certificate, signed and dated by myself, and are limited edition, so that their value will not diminish.





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