Thank You For Visiting My Photography Gallery

Here I have assembled my favourite artistic photographs of sculptures, Scottish scenery, landscapes, town scenes, and everyday life in my day-to-day travels performing photography in Inverclyde. Have a browse through my work and call or email me to request a print of your favourite photographs.

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 Artist and Photographer in Inverclyde


The Calm

 Artist and Photographer in Inverclyde

Picadilly Circus


 Artist and Photographer in Inverclyde

Come Fly With Me

Come Fly With me 2

Sunrise two metal Kelpies photo

The Kelpies 1

Stormy metal Kelpies photo

The Kelpies 2


Dark metal Kelpies photo

The Kelpies 3

Rearing metal Kelpies photo

The Kelpies 4


City Lights

Artist and Photographer in Inverclyde

The Yacht Club


 Red hue sunset and boat on the water photo

Sunset 1

ginger, the giant metal horse


 Sailing boats on calm water at sunrise

Boats On Water

cloudy morning at the boating blub

The Boating Club


 Cloudy blue horizons over the lake


Blue Sky Horizon


Cloch Lighthouse

 Annie Kempock Statue with hat scarf and flowers


Annie Kempock 2

 Male statue in the marina at high tide

Marina Man


 Scottish spiral staircase architecture

The Great Scottish Landing

 View looking up spiral stair case in Lighthouse


The Spiral Lighthouse

 The Duke Statue with traffic cone on head

The Duke

 Egeria Statue photograph from behind



 The Lomangate stag at night

Lomandgate Stag





Red Sky At Night


Clyde Side Cruising







The Red House

 Artist and Photographer in Inverclyde


Endless Beach




Gods Work


The Esplanade


The Crane


The Still


 Artist and Photographer in Inverclyde

Urban Decay

Green Glass of Home




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