drawing of a day in Brooklyn, and a man standing in the road with a red umbrella

Photo of stormy blue horizons over lake

view from the yacht club over the lake


Artist and Photographer IN INVERCLYDE

Yvonne MacKinnon - Artist Bio

Yvonne Mackinnon was born in 1972 in Glasgow’s West End, Scotland. She first began an interest in art from an early childhood, and her passion for art became stronger and stronger. In addition, she would spend hours drawing, observing and analysing the work of the great masters in the renowned Kelvingrove Art Galleries in Glasgow, where she grew up.




Developing As An Artist And Photographer In Inverclyde

Developing her own technique and style it was in high school her art teacher would encourage her to develop this talent even more. Her art teacher would encourage Yvonne to enter competitions and display much of her best work around the schools whenever the opportunity of exhibitions came up.


A World Without Limits

Throughout her life Yvonne’s passion for art became a form of escapism into a world without limitations. This was where Yvonne could express herself freely by immersing herself into her own world of realism as an artist and photographer in Inverclyde, using her own modern techniques and styles in her artwork. Around 2010, after the birth of her son Yvonne discovered a passion for photography capturing moods, emotions and feelings through the lens of a camera.


Passion For Photography

To begin with many of Yvonne’s shots were spontaneous and without any real plan or focus. In doing so, this helped Yvonne capture the world around her. By taking raw images this allowed Yvonne to explore textures presented in the shots visually developing this through light mood and emotion. Furthermore, in doing so, her representation of shots captured allowed Yvonne to evolve, grow and combine both art and photography in her work today.




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